Plastic Habitat, playground for design and development.


Plastic Habitat is a personal project to write an online book. An easy to read reference about all best practices for designing and developing cross-device websites. Instead of blogging about everything I want to create a structured reference. Which will be updated with developments within the ever changing web.

In short, it's work in progress!

Who is this for?

This reference is not a course for starting with webdevelopment, you should know some basics. Good places to start out are sites like Web Platform Docs (free), W3Schools (free), NetTuts+ (free and paid), Treehouse (paid) and Code Cademy.

Open Source!

Do you already know how to develop websites? Then you probably find this a useful resource and I appreciate feedback if you have any. All content is open source and is available on Github, so feel free to fork!

A little about me

My name is Tim van Bergenhenegouwen and I'm a developer and graphic designer. My interests are PHP, NodeJS, Front-end MVC and Realtime applications. I'm also building an open source CMS called Robodt.

I run a small design and development studio in the Netherlands called Slurfhondje (Dutch for Elephant Shrew) and like to create projects at Zomnium. You can find me on Github, Twitter and Linkedin.